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PvP Guide - This page contains information and instructions on PvP.

The PvP Guides listed here are meant to give players who are new to Player versus Player combat the most important information. You cannot really learn to PvP by reading about it, but knowing some facts before the action starts helps a lot.

The first thing you should do is run through the following basic PvP Guide.

PvP Essentials

The following guide will give you the basics for PvP. Every British Council captain should read through the guide and practise the lessons:

Port Battle Essentials

A port battle fleet is only as strong as the weakest ship. It's vitally important you prepare for the battle so you can help your nation to victory.

Join the British Vent server!
Communications is vital to winning the battle. Please make sure you are registered on the server before the battle starts.
Have the right ship and fittings!
Bringing the wrong ship can loose a battle. Check our Port Battle ship guide to help you choose.
Have your essential equipment ready!
Make sure you have everything you need. The Port Battle equipment guide will help.
Check Nation chat before the battle!
Help and advice is always at hand. Keep an eye on chat for information about the battle and don't be afraid to ask questions.

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