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Applying to join the Saint George Society

The Saint George Society (SGS) is a role playing-minded society, although you shouldn't be scared off by that. We started from the St. George Squadron of the White, the oldest British society in the Pirates of the Burning Sea, with a long tradition and experienced members and eventually created the umbrella society so members could play in other games under the same banner. If you are looking for a gaming society that bases itself on history and historical fiction then SGS could be the place for you.

We use a 3 stage recruitment process designed to get you playing with us as quickly as possible. The stages are:

  1. Register on our forums (forum name must match Character name)
  2. Application form
  3. Interview
  4. Patronage
  5. Vote

Application Form

  • First, we ask you to register on the forums and complete the short application form. When creating your forum account please use the name of your main character. To complete the application form, ensure that you are logged in to the forums and return to this page. You only need to be logged in to the forums for the application form to appear here. The next stage is a short interview in game, to be interviewed ask for a SGS officer in chat, or post on the forums to set up a meeting time in game. The interview only takes around 5 minutes and allows you to ask any questions about the society. On completion of the interview you will be invited to join the society and given patronage status.
  • Your patronage will last at most 4 patronage cycles (about 2 months). Twice a month eligible patronage officers will be put forward for promotion. To be eligible you must conform to the following regulations:
  1. Be a member for at least 15 days
  2. Have a regulation character name
  3. Be in Uniform (where applicable)
  4. Have a matching forum and character name (where applicable)
  • Each SGS member can vote for a patronage officer in one of three ways, based on their personal experience.
  1. Yes, officer is promoted to Esquire and full member.
  2. More time needed, officer remains at patronage, is entered in the next promotion.
  3. No, officer is removed from the society.

A clear majority, with a minimum of 3 yes votes, is needed in each case with undecided results defaulting to More time needed. If a patronage officer does not receive a yes vote after 4 cycles he will be removed from the society.

Recruitment Frequently Asked Questions

  • What server, Nation, and Class do you play?
SGS is involved in multiple games, check here to see what server and faction we play. We welcome all classes including any alternate characters.
  • Are you a Role Play society?
Historical Society would be a better description. Naval Officers must wear our Uniform and characters are expected to have historically suitable names. We don't enforce role play on our members but do encourage those who want to, although it is not allowed to get in the way of PVP or RVR. To sum up we play in the spirit of the British Navy of 1720, which includes being effective fighters.
  • Do you have to speak in Character on Voice Communications or Chat?
NO. Voice comms is very relaxed and we laugh and joke like anyone else. Some members talk in character in chat but it is not a requirement. When it comes to PVP we focus on clear and effective communications.
  • My friends are joining and I'm afraid I will be turned away!
Don't be. Although applicants sometimes decide to withdraw their application during patronage in the 6 year history of the society less than 3 people have been refused membership. We've had members from closing societies join SGS en mass and all have enjoyed successful careers with the society.
  • What play styles do you have?
All of them. We regularly PVP, PVE, run missions and have a thriving economy (crafting). We also have a duelling club and Role Play events. Whatever your play style you'll find something to do at SGS and we try to keep things balanced so you don't get bored. Everything is optional, you won't be expected to run missions or PVP if that isn't your thing.
  • Does SGS have a lot of rules and regulations?
Depends on how you look at it. We try to keep it as simple as we can whilst protecting the reputation of the society and everyone's enjoyment (even our enemies). Most of our regulations, like Character Names and Uniform, you only have to worry about once. The day to day rules are based on respect for all players and common sense.
  • How far up the society can I advance?
As far as you want to. We have had people join as patronage officers and climb all the way to the top! Every rank can be reached through merit except the rank of Sea Lord in our Pirates of the Burning Sea society: The St. George Squadron of the White, since it is reserved for founding members. See the ranks page for more detail.

Application Form


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