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Welcome to the St.George Squadron of the White!

The St.George Squadron of the White (SGS) is the oldest British society in the game, with a long tradition and experienced members. We are a role playing-minded society, although you shouldn't be scared off by that. If you're looking for a PotBS society that bases itself on history and historical fiction then SGS could be the place for you.

Before applying to join, you should familiarize yourself with the squadron, our policies and Rules and Regulations. Or ask an SGS officer in game for help and information.

Secretary, Recruitment: Captain Sir Roderick Morrow

Application process

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Recruitment Frequently Asked Questions

  • What server do you play on?
Antigua, although some members have alts on other servers.
  • Which nation do you play?
  • Are there class restrictions?
No, you can play any class.
  • Are you a Role Play society?
Yes we are. Although we don't talk in character on our voice server on in society chat. Many of our captains write in character journals but there are no minimum standards for role play. We try not to let RP get in the way of PVP or vice versa, but we do organise RP events and always talk in character when using the local chat channel. To sum up we play in the spirit of the British Navy of 1720.
  • Are there restrictions on names?
Yes there are. Because we're a role play society we have regulations on Character Names. Characters with inappropriate names will be expected to file a support ticket to change them. FLS is happy to do this. If you are not willing to choose an allowed name or change an inappropriate one then SGS probably isn't for you.
  • Are alts allowed in the Society?
Yes, membership is by player not character. You may have any number of alts in the society. They will have to follow all squadron regulations. Of course if you prefer to have an non-society alt you may do so. Or even an alt on a different server and nation.
  • My friends are joining and I'm afraid I will be turned away!
Don't be. Although applicants sometimes decide to withdraw their application during patronage in the 6 year history of the squadron less than 3 people have been refused membership. We've had members from closing societies join SGS en mass and all have enjoyed successful careers with the squadron.
  • What play styles do you have?
All of them. We regularly PVP, Open Sea PVE, Run missions and have a thriving economy. We also have a duelling club and Role Play events. Whatever your play style you'll find something do at SGS and we try to keep things balanced so you don't get bored.
  • Do you have minimum play requirements?
No. We don't expect you to play a minimum number of hours each week. We all have other interests and commitments and we would rather have members playing once a week and really enjoying themselves than playing every night and having no fun. Our promotion and award system doesn't take hours played into account, but is based on leadership skill and success. You must log onto the forums at least once a month to keep your membership active.
  • I'm interested in helping with the wiki / graphics / squadron administration, can I?
Of course! There is always work to do to keep the squadron going and the wiki has been designed to be user editable. We welcome any help you might be able to give.
  • Does SGS have a lot of rules and regulations?
Depends on how you look at it. We have standards on uniform and other in game regulations. We expect you to act in a mature and helpful manor and be interested in making the game better for everyone playing, even your enemies. Our rules are based on the historical navy, common sense and respect. You won't be forced into a play style you don't want, or treated like a employee. We're a group of friends having fun and the rules reflect that.
  • How far up the squadron can I advance?
As far as you want to. We have had people join as patronage officers and climb all the way to the top! Only the rank of Sea Lord is reserved for founding members, every other rank can be reached through merit.

Applying to join


We use a 4 stage recruitment process designed to get you playing with us as quickly as possible. The stages are:

  1. Application form
  2. Interview
  3. Patronage
  4. Vote

Application Form

First, we ask you to complete the short application form. This is so we can get an idea of how you play the game and what aspects you're interested in. Don't worry there aren't any minimum requirements. This is also a good time to register on our forums

Application Form

Interview on voice server or Chat

As well as the application form, we conduct an informal interview on our voice server or in game chat. This is to answer any questions you might have, and find out exactly what you're looking for from us. The interview can be carried out by any full member.

Patronage Status

After the two steps above have been successfully completed, you are granted patronage status. Patronage officers have full members rights, membership of the in game society and access to the members only section of the forums. During your patronage status full members will report on your progress to the senior officers.

Vote by senior officers

The senior officers will then vote on your status based on the patronage reports written by our officers. The minimum term for a patronage officer is 14 days, but it may take longer depending on your activity and other factors.

The full procedure can be viewed in the Secretary, Recruitment instructions.


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