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The Saint George Society

Strength in Unity!

This is a temporary page until a more elaborate setup can be created.

The Saint George Society is the umbrella Organization of the Saint George Squadron of the White. The concept of the society is to give SGS members homes in other games, and to allow SGS members to start SGS oriented guilds in those games. The Society is handled via a council made up of members from each guild within the society.

Society Charter (The Council Constitution)

  1. Formed of 1 person per every 15 active members of a guild, excluding alts, for a maximum of three.
  2. Member Guilds may elect their council representatives however they decide.
  3. The same person may not serve on the council for more than one game. In the situation of a individual being in the position to do so, they must choose which game they will represent.
  4. The Saint George Squadron of the White from POTBS will always have one extra council seat to be reserved for the return of a Squadron Sealord.
  5. All council votes are required to run for 5 days and achieve a 3/4ths majority. This includes admission of new Guilds.
  6. The Council will only be formed after three guilds have been accepted into the Society and have met all requirements. Until such a time as this requirement has been met, the role of the Council will be filled by the Saint George Squadron of the White from POTBS’s board of Flag Officers.
  7. Until dedicated facilities are established for the Society, The Saint George Squadron of the White forums will host the Council forums and any member forums. Dedicated facilities will be managed by the Saint George Squadron of the White or as delegated by the Saint George Squadron of the White.
  8. The Saint George Squadron of the White may never be removed from the Council.
  9. A member guild must have 15 individual players to join the Society. A guild will not be removed from the Society if they drop below 15 members, but will no longer have a seat on the council until they rise above the 15 member mark.
  10. In case of a disciplinary issue within the council, the issue will be resolved by the forming of a triumvirate including the Saint George Squadron of the White’s chosen representative, and two members of the council who are elected by vote of the entire council. The Triumvirate will review the evidence and make their decision. This decision is absolute and all three members must be in agreement. If a decision is not reached within 10 days no action will be taken, and the two elected members of the Triumvirate will removed and two new members will be elected. This process will repeat until a decision is made. If the issue at hand involves the Saint George Squadron council representative, they will not be allowed to sit on the triumvirate and their slot will be filled by council election.
  11. The Council may not interfere with the operation of a member guild unless that guild is violation of the regulations the council has set down, or is in violation of its constitution.
  12. Amendments may be made to this constitution that do not change, invalidate, or circumvent any of the articles contained within it.

Current Membership Criteria

Any game may have an SGS guild in it, as long as it follows the following rules:

  • The Guild must agree to obey the Saint George Society Constitution. Modifications may be made under special circumstances but must be submitted with the guilds application to the society, and must be approved by the Council. Once a guild has joined the Society the constitution may NOT be changed, however amendments may be made. Example of modification would be for EVE Online, where a Corp who does not allow it’s recruitment to ever close or to participate in any form of espionage would be severely at a disadvantage in a wartime situation. The Constitution would be amended to allow recruitment to close during war time situations and to allow counter espionage operations during peace, and to allow general espionage during war time.
  • The Guild MUST be designed and lead in the spirit of SGS.
  • The Guild name MUST include EITHER St George or Saint George in some capacity, OR be named fitting to the lore of the world it is in.
  • The Guild MUST use the Saint George Squadron or Saint George Society Website. Secure and private areas will be provided for each guild.
  • The Guild MUST have roleplay elements. However, in character role play will not be mandatory. This will be judged on a case by case basis.
  • The Guild MUST have a set of rules and regulations, as well as some form of ranking system. These systems must be initially approved by the Council before admittance.
  • In order for a Guild to be accepted into the Society, it must file an application, be approved by the Council, AND have a minimum of 15 active, individual members. A Guild formed in the hopes of joining the Society should have this in mind and strive to meet these goals. Applicants who have not met these goals will not be considered. Note: The 15 member requirement is only required to apply. The guild may be formed with less than 15 members, but will not be granted admittance until that goal has been met.


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