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SGS Naming Policy

The St George Squadron is a British Royal Navy Role-playing based society and as such will only accept names that fit the period and nation. People who sign up with and apply for membership with inappropriate names will be asked politely, "what they would like their names changed too,” however it's better for everyone if you pick a sensible name from the start.

Under all circumstances avoid picking out of context names, such as Darth Vader, Maggotboy, Milkman or famous names such as Captain Horatio Nelson, Captain William Bligh, Captain Horatio Hornblower and names along those lines. To qualify a name has to be historical, and in keeping with an officer of the British Royal Navy.

The squadron uses a full title system to reflect rank and so character names should not include titles like Lord, Baron or Sir. These will be awarded to you as part of your career with SGS.

We understand that established characters may not have a appropriate names and we will work with the player to get a more fitting name.

FLS will change character names if you purchase a name change on the Treasure Aisle. Assistance will be provided to new captains upon the successful conclusion of their patronage.

Fair Naming Policy

Patronage Vote Clause

All Captains who apply to the squadron with an unacceptable name; will be allowed to go up for the standard vote and have the results announced on the stipulations that:

I) Captain agrees to have his/her name changed into a name which complies with regulations no more than one week (seven days) after the conclusion of the vote.

II) That, should the Captain default on the above agreement; s/ he will willing leave the squadron within 24 (twenty-four) hours of his seven day grace period. Should the captain fail to remove him/herself from the squadron within the allocated time; the Captain will be removed from the society via a kick.

III) The Captain must inform us of the name s/he will be changing his/her name to.

IV) The Captain is informed of these terms, and agrees to them prior to the beginning of the poll. Should the captain decline these terms, s/he will have it held as a defaulted patronage.

V) Should the Captain be forced to leave the squadron due to a breach of this agreement, he will not be allowed to reapply until s/he has corrected his name to one meeting regulation.

Captains who agree to the above terms; should they pass their vote, will have their results announced with the rest of the patronage class, with the name they have chosen to change to placed in parenthesis beside their current name.

Sponsorship Clause

A Patronage officer who; having been a part of the society and passed his/her patronage vote; and agreed to the Patronage Vote clause, may request society funding for no more than 50% (2 Burning sea notes) of the cost to change a characters name to be used solely for the purpose of purchasing their name change.


I) The BSN and or db value must be used ONLY for purchasing BSN for a name change and or using the BSN for a name change.

II) The Captain MUST have the name he is to change to approved by an inspector general prior to the delivery of funding.

III) Captains may request this assistance once PER PERSON; not per character or per account.

IV) Within receiving the funding assistance, a captain must have their name changed within 48 hours; or risk disciplinary action from the Board of Flag Officers.

Acceptable names under the SGS Policy:

  • English, Scottish, Irish or Welsh (preference for the first two).
  • Foreign surnames with a British first name E.g. William Bach.
  • Anglicized versions of foreign names E.g. Frederic Redstone.
  • German Names are acceptable based on ties to the House of Hanover.

In all cases the Inspector general's decision is final. Suggested names can be found on the 18th Century Names page and Most common surnames - U.K. section of