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The current Secretary of Recruitment is:

This flag office deals with the administration of processing patronage officers, from application form through to promotion to Esquire and full member. This is one of the most involved flag offices and it is expected to have more than one Secretary, Recruitment as often as possible. This flag officer's job starts with encouraging members to approach possible applicants in a soft manner, answering questions, pointing people to our website and letting them submit an application in their own time. From there the SR has to manage all stages of patronage up to and including promotion to full member, at which point they hand over to the CNP.


  • Moderate the patronage Reports
  • Ensure applicants are interviewed
  • Issue in-game invites
  • Add officers to the Captains Roster
  • Add officers to the patronage forum group
  • Create polls for patronage officer promotion
  • Announce patronage officers promotions

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Moderate the Patronage forums

All flag officers have moderator rights on the forums and can edit and delete posts when necessary. The Secretary, Recruitment should focus on moderating the Patronage forums.

Keeping the forums clean

Upkeep of the Active Patronage forum

Ensure that all applicants that will have been in the squadron for ten (or more) days come the next vote, are moved to the "Active" patronage votes forum as soon as possible.

Duplicate Posts

Sometimes an applicant will submit a form twice. You should first open both posts to check which one is more complete, then delete the other. To delete the post open it up then click the Icon cross.png button.

Archiving old posts

  • When a patronage officer is promoted or rejected you should archive the thread. To do so go to the patronage forums then click on Moderator Control *Panel link at the top of the page. Mark the threads you want to archive then scroll to the bottom and select Move from the Select desired action drop down list. Click Submit.
  • Finally untick Leave shadow topic in place as shown and select Patronage Archive from the drop down and click Yes

Ss movingthreads.png

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Ensure applicants are interviewed

|RightBoxContent= It is every officers duty to interview new applicants and the RS should encourage them to do so. Use the Recruitment Interview page to instruct officers on the interview process and post in game mails whenever a new application has been submitted.

Whenever an applicant is interviewed and an Agent isn't available to issue the invite, the interviewer should send an in game mail to the officers group asking for the invite to be issued. The RS is responsible for ensuring this process is followed.

Issue in-game invites

If you have personally interviewed an applicant you can invite them straight away. If someone else has conducted the interview you may be asked in chat or vent to issue an invite. As well as the above you should check the patronage forums for posts asking for invites to be issued. The applicant does not need to be on-line for you to issue the invite.

Add officers to the Captains Roster

Every new officer needs to be added to the Captains Roster. A template has been created to make adding new officers easy.

Template:Roster contains instructions for adding a new officer.

Add officers to the Patronage forum group

Create Polls for Patronage officer promotion

Each month there are two classes to promote patronage officers to full member. These classes pass on the 15th and last day of each month.

On the 10th of each month you should create a poll for each patronage officer who has been a member for longer than 10 days. The poll will be added to the application form as shown below. On the 15th of each month the results of the vote will be announced. This process is again repeated on the 25th of the month with the results announced on the last day of the month.

Early Class

  • Vote Opens 10th
  • Results Announced 15th

Late Class

  • Vote opens 25th
  • Results announced 30th
  • Edit the first post in each thread and add a poll like the one shown below.

Ss Patronage vote.png

  • Finally use in-game mail and the forums to remind everyone to vote.

Announce Patronage officers promotions

On the 15th and 30th of each month, a seceretary of recruitment will annouce the patronage poll results in three places. The SGS Public discussion and recruitment forum, the FLS forums, in the Antigua societies board, in the SGS thread, and via an ingame mail to the entire society.

Procedure for announcing promotions:

  • Create a list of everyone who has achieved at least 3 yes votes (but not more no or more time votes than yes votes) and then move their threads to the archive forum. Applicants who received less than 3 yes votes default to "more time".
  • Update the forum permissions for the captains who have passed to SGS Officer, and removed them from the Patronage Officers forum group. Make the new group the default group.
  • Update the roster entries for all captains who have passed this vote. Ensure to keep them in alphabetical order, as the Esquires roster is alphabetized
  • Announce the results in the SGS forums, in game, and on the FLS forums..
  • Take all the threads who did not pass this cycle in the active votes forums, and give them am X. Threads that get four X's recive a "Timed out" tag, are removed from society, and sent a "Timed out" mail. Make sure to strike them from the roster, and remove their group permissions as well as archiving the post.
  • Anyone who has received more "No" than yes or more time, is also removed from society, struck from the roster, and had their forum permissions removed. They are tagged as "Terminated Patronage" and sent a terminated patronage mail.

Flag officers only: For more details, see this link

Example mails and information packets

Recruitment information packet example

This is a message to be sent out to new players as a recruitment tool..

Greetings, this is a message on the behalf of the Saint George Squadron of the White's department of recruitment.

Below you will find a quick rundown on the most applicable regulations for new members, and a quick explanation about what we mean when we say we are a "Roleplaying" society. Also included, will be a link to our recruitment page where you will find other information about our society, including an application form.

Regulations of interest: Uniform- Naval officers are expected to wear a proper uniform. This is white shirt and pants, boots or shoes of black or brown. You will be expected to wear you're career jacket starting at level 15 (You get it from that mission), in Navy blue and Gold, as well as an optional bicorn, black with black gilt trim. A vest is of course optional, in blue or white, with possible gold trim. Pets are not allowed for naval officers.

For Freetraders and privateers, you may have follow pets but not shoulder pets. The regulations for uniform are: No bicorns, no piratical items, and no ripped or frayed clothing.

Names- We have a historic names rule. Names should be English, Scottish, Welsh, Irish, or German in nature. Foreign names are inspected on a case by case basis, but rarely accepted.

Please see post two for roleplaying info and link.

Roleplay is misleading; we don't sit around talking in character or chatting about this or that. We actually play the game.

What we do for rp is very limited. We use the salutation Captain, Sir, lord, etc, and uphold the values of the British navy of the time. We also on occasion have mass inspections and meetings in person (in game) much akin to a military parade. Anything else is fully optional, and many choose not to partake past this. --

Below is the link to our recruitment page, to copy and paste hit "reply" and use ctrl+c. http://www.st-george-squadron.com/sgs/wiki/index.php?title=Category:Recruitment

I look forward to reading your application,

[Senders name and titles]

Timed out of Patronage


This is a mail to be sent when a captain recives four "X"'s on his or her patronage report.

Dear Captain [insert name] It is my sincerest regret to inform you that your patronage period with the Saint George Squadron of the White has come to an unfavourable end.

This can be due to one of several reasons, but the most common are you never complied with regulation to achieve a NUM (Regulation name, in uniform, and forum name matches in game name) status on your application; or you have gone AWOL.

Whatever the reason, should you ever wish to reapply to the Squadron; our doors are open to you.

The department of recruitment wishes you fair winds and safe travel, and the best of luck in all future prospects.

Yr. Obt. Svt. [Senders name titles etc]