HMS Apollo

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HMS Apollo after engaging French privateers.

HMS Apollo

Rating: 5th rate

Class: Hercules-class Sleek Frigate

Date of Commission: March 29, 1722

Captain: Charles Naseby

Guns: 44

Crew: 305

Status: in service

History: HMS Apollo was commissioned as a 44-gun frigate of the Royal Navy, built by the Royal Navy Shipyard of St. John's and launched in early spring 1722.

Recent Assignments: On active duty.

Notable action

  • May 29th, 1722: HMS Apollo was the flagship of a battle group which patrolled around the Bahamas. She accounted for the sinking of a Spanish Capriceux Frigate.
  • May 31st, 1722: The HMS Apollo served as flagship of a defensive battle group countering an all out Spanish assault on the ports of Puerto Cabezas, Turtling Bay and Belize. Through rigorous patrol and attacking enemy flips, the Spanish offensive was stopped cold.
  • Off Puerto del Principe the frigate, accompanied by three other British frigates, engaged in combat against a Spanish group made of frigates from the Capriceux (MC), Khan and Vengeance class. HMS Apollo accounted for the sinking of the Capriceux, only the Vengeance was able to escape and only just. No British losses.