HMS Renown

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HMS Renown engaging Smugglers off bartica

H.M.S. Renown

Rating: Third rate

Class: Lion Third Rate Ship of the Line

Date of Current Commission: October 29, 1731

Shipyard: Devonport Royal Dockyard, 11 May 1729.

Guns: 64

Crew: 500

Status: Stationed out of Jenny Bay


HMS Renown was originally launched in May of 1729 and under went sea trials a couple months later and was assigned to the Channel Fleet, she became renowned for being fast and being able to capture smaller enemy vessels she became known as the Bane of Smugglers off the coast of France. She remained with the channel fleet until she was ordered to the Caribbean where she met her new Captain Alexander Ramage. After a couple months of shaking down his new crew, drilling them relentlessly at gunnery and sail handling, she is now on active Patrol out of Jenny Bay.

Notable Actions

Port Date Battle type Enemy Result Notes
St. John's 3rd November 1731 Defence SPAIN.JPG Victory Assisted in sinking 1 ship

British Captains:

1731-Present: Captain Alexander Ramage

Port Battle History