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Welcome to the Saint George Society

The Society's first iteration, the Saint George Squadron in the game Pirates of the Burning Sea, was created in 2003 by the six founding Sea Lords. They envisioned the Squadron as a close-knit group of friends driven by togetherness and team spirit, and brought together by a love of games and history. In 2013, the elected leaders of the still thriving Squadron voted to create the multi-gaming community Saint George Society, to ensure that the Squadron's members and values would outlive Pirates of the Burning Sea. In 2016, the Saint George Squadron was established in Naval Action, and is currently the second official guild of the Society.

Many of the members from the original Squadron are stil active in Pirates of the Burning Sea, Naval Action, or in other games without official ties to the Society. We are still a long serving group of friends from all over the world, engaging in all play styles in a casual friendly environment. Welcome to our website, please make yourself at home.

Please select the game banner to visit the corresponding SGS branch's main page for more information about that specific community:

The Squadron in Naval Action

The Squadron in Pirates of the Burning Sea

SGS is Recruiting

The society is always recruiting new members. If you are looking for a balance of PVP, PVE and economy with mature players the St. George Society might be for you. Visit our Recruitment page for more information.

The SGS Anthem

The SGS Discord

At a glance



  • Potbs: Antigua
  • NA: War Server (Caribbean)


  • British

Play style:

  • Mixed, Missions, PVE, PVP, Economy, light RP


  • Casual Friendly

Level / Class:

  • All

Squadron Shop

Don't forget you can by SGS mugs and other merchandise in our squadron gift shop!