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Character Information



  • Rank: Esquire
  • Captains full name: Captain Nicholas Alexander Ramage II, Royal Navy
  • Captain's Quote: Pride is great until it's your downfall.
  • Sum up your captain’s personality and traits: Honourable, Strict, Aggressive
  • Captain Nicholas Ramage's aims and goals: To gain renown in serving King and Country
  • Nicholas Ramage's friends and family:
  • [ Captain's Log]

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Captain Nicholas Ramage's background and information

Ramage Arms 1.png

Nicholas Ramage's Early Life

Born in 1788, Nicholas Alexander Ramage II was born to Vice Admiral Nicholas Ramage I and Thalia Ramage in Falmouth, Cornwall. At an early age Nicholas watched the Falmouth Packets come and go. Due to his father serving in the navy he never really had a good relationship with his father. Growing up Nicholas was noted to be a shy and quiet kid until it came to a task that needed completing than he became aggressive.

Nicholas Ramage's Naval Career

At the age of 12 and through family connections and as a personal favor to his father Captain Thomas Cochrane accepted Nicholas into HM Brig Speedy as Midshipman. While serving aboard the Speedy and during her attack on the Spanish xebec frigate El Gamo Nicholas was noted to be one of the first over the side while boarding the superior Spanish vessel. Once the vessel was captured Nicholas was apart of the Prize crew that took teh captured frigate into Gibraltar.

Capture of the El Gamo
After the Peace of Amiens Nicholas returned to the service with Captain Cochrane aboard the HMS Pallas. Nicholas continued serving with Captain Chochrane until 1808 when he passed his Examination for Lieutenancy he was taken onboard HMS War Eagle under Captain John Page, Nicholas Served with Captain Page for 4 years before he received command of the Schooner Albatross. After successfully commanding the Albatross for 2 years and capturing a number of small prizes through out those 2 years Ramage was promoted to Master and Commander and given command of HM Sloop Jester. Ramage joined the St. George Squadron in 1819 and has been serving the Squadron since, and is becoming rather wealthy when it comes to prizes and looks forward for an even longer and successful career.

Record of Achievement

  • August 11th 1819 - Joined the St. George Squadron of the White.
  • September 1st 1819 - Styled an Esquire in the St. George Squadron of the White.

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