Nominating for Promotions and Awards

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The Nominate Medal link appears on the captains profile page under the portrait
Nominate 2.jpg

SGS uses a system of awards to decorate it's members. This are issued at the end of each month by the senior officers. In order to be given an award you must be nominated by another captain.

The forums have a built in system for nominating captains for awards. To nominate a captain for an award go to the captain's profile page by clicking on their name or the profile button. The Nominate Medal link is under the captains picture as show on the right. Click on this to go to the nomination page.

Use the drop down list to select the award. They are split into 3 types

  • Valour - PVP
  • Merit - PVE and non-combat
  • Commendation - Out of game

You should always select the top medal in the category, in this example a Military Cross for PVP.

In the text box you should write an explanation of why the medal is deserved. Include as much information as possible with links to After Action Reports or screen shots. The more information you put here the more likely the medal is to be issued. If there are a large number of nominations the Senior officers will only select the most deserving so effort here is really worth while.

If there are multiple nominations for a single action the senior officers will generally select the most deserving so think carefully before nominating multiple captains. It is generally better to make a solid case for a single captain than copy and pasting a nomination for a full group of six.

That's it! Each month the Senior officers will review the nominations and vote on each case. A number of medals will then be issued. Please note we limit the number of medals we issue each month to avoid inflation.