Officers on half pay

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This page is no longer in use. Captain on half pay are now marked on the main roster with a half pay token. This page is kept exclusively for historic reference.


SGS officers may go on half pay for up to 6 months. This exempts them from the activity requirements (log onto the forums once every 30 days). This allows an officer to take a break for any reason and return at full rank.

After 6 months an officer who does not return to active service will be retired. He may later rejoin the squadron but will have to complete the patronage process. Sea Lords may stay on Half Pay indefinitely.


Rank Name Awards Arms Date Joined Last Commission Friends and Family Country Date for Half Pay
Sea Lord Andrew Blake Awarded December 1719 February 1716 February 1716 Nat United Kingdom(Great Britain).png February 10th 1722
Esquire Jameson Macdonald Macdonald Arms Small.png Febuary 24th 1722 January 3rd 1723 Nat United States of America (USA).png May 30th 1723
Esquire Annerose Pendragon December 25th 1722 January 3rd 1723 Nat United States of America (USA).png June 4th 1723
Esquire Jackie Tollbrook May 21th 1723 June 30th 1723 Nat United States of America (USA).png July 24th 1723
Esquire Andrew Merwin Aug 14th 1723 Aug 30th 1723 Nat United Kingdom(Great Britain).png Nov 10th 1723