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Part of the SGS application process includes an interview. This can be carried out by any full member (not patronage officers). The following are some sample questions you should be asking at the interview. If you have any good questions please add them to the list. You don't have to ask every question, this is a guide not a script.

Interview objectives

The idea of the interview is to get to know the person better and for them to know and understand the squadron. Although many applicants will have already have read through the website and forums, some will apply to join the squadron before looking though anything. The interview ensures that those people know what we do and that they will enjoy our play style.

The interview process

The best interviews are in they style of an informal chat. So you can get to know the applicant a bit better and cover any questions they might have. There is no right or wrong way to hold an interview and no time limit. Simply chat to the applicant, asking if they have any questions, how they found us, what about SGS do they like and how they are finding the game. Ask what play styles they enjoy and if they need any help with any areas of the game. SGS has more regulations than other societies, you should make sure that the applicant is interested in, and willing to follow, our uniform and other regulations.

If you can group up and sail with them while you interview that's even better.

First interviews can be a bit daunting so to help we have provided some sample questions and topics below. This shouldn't be followed as a script but will give you an idea of how to start.

Sample Interview Questions

  • What do you love about the game and what do you hate?
  • What are you most looking forward to?
  • Why the SGS?
  • Are you interested in the economy? We don't operate a donation system and everything must be paid for. The economy is optional but we will happily help you, if you wish to get involved.
  • We try to engage all styles of play, Missions, PVP, Port Battles, PVE grinding and running an Economy. We do PVP and we want to be good at it, but we are not a PVP society, winning at any cost. We will never be the best PVP group on the server because we don't have the hardcore players and have a balanced play style. Are you ok with this?
  • SGS is a role-play squadron, and we try to follow the ideas and style of the Royal Navy. We don't spend all our time talking in taverns, but we do treat each other with respect and follow orders from higher ranks.
  • The squadron has Character Name and Uniform requirements and are strict in enforcing it, you will be expected to have an acceptable Character Name and accomply to the squadron regulations.
  • The squadron prides itself on its website. Are you interested in helping create new pages and do you have any specialist skills that could be useful?

Core Subjects

The following are considered core values of SGS and should be brought up during the interview.

Roleplay & Structure

  • SGS is a role play society. There are no minimum standards of role-play but it should be something you are interested.
  • SGS has a high level of organization and structure. You should be happy to fit into this and get in the spirit of Nelson's Navy.


  • All SGS Officers are required to meet Name, Uniform and even Conduct Regulations. These should be reviewed by the applicant before the interview.

Alternate Characters/Avatars

  • SGS membership is by player not character and you may invite any or all of your alts to SGS, provided they meet the name and uniform requirements. You may also have characters who are not in any society, but we ask members not to have characters in another society. We ask for a level of commitment from our members that, we feel, can only be given by being in a single society.
  • A SGS member may not have an active character in another nation. We do not ask you to delete other nation characters but we ask you not to play them while you are a member of SGS. There are no restrictions on characters on other servers.