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This roster template for the captains roster. The template makes it easier to enter and manage the roster. Copy the code below to the roster. New captains will be placed at the bottom. As you are promoted you can move your entry up the roster at the bottom of the next rank.

  • To change your rank just replace gentleman with your rank, the graphics will be updated.
  • If you have a coat of arms enter the full path of the graphic including the opening and closing brackets.
  • If you are awarded medals simply enter the number of medals in each category.

If you are adding a new captain to the roster you should place the template as shown.

If you are updating a promoted officer you should change the last promotion date and add them to the bottom of the next rank.


The following code should be added where you want the box to appear.


Medals and Awards

The basic template has no medals or awards as is fitting a new recruit.

As you gain medals and awards though play you will want to add them to your roster entry. For the 3 peer nominated awards; PVP, PVE and Out of Game you simply replace the 0 on each entry with the number of awards you have been given. This number will be 1-4 inclusive.

  • 1 - Pvp Sm 1.png

  • 1 - Pve Sm 1.png

  • 1 - Com Sm 1.png

If you are a Knight you must choose either Scottish or English association and enter the correct code under Orders_of_Knighthood= (replacing none). kb (Knight of the Bath) for England and kt (Knight of the Thistle) for Scotland. Please note this is case sensitive.

  • kb - Kbsm.png
  • kt - Ktsm.png

If you are a Viscount or above you should add the Order of the Garter, to do this ad kg (Knight of the Garter) to the kb or kb. E.g. kbkg for England and ktkg for Scotland. Please note this is case sensitive.

  • kbkg - Kbkgsm.png
  • ktkg - Ktkgsm.png

Nation Flags

This is the complete list of nation flags along with the code to add them to the roster. If you need a flag that isn't listed contact a Squadron Secretary.

NAT Argentina.png File:Nat Argentina.png|Argentina
Nat Austrailia.png File:Nat Austrailia.png|Australia
Nat blank.png File:Nat blank.png|Unknown
NAT Belgium.png File:Nat Belgium.png|Belgium
NAT Brazil.png File:NAT Brazil.png|Brazil
Nat Canada.png File:Nat Canada.png|Canada
NAT Croatia.png File:NAT Croatia.png|Croatia
Nat Denmark.png File:Nat Denmark.png|Denmark
Nat Finland.png File:Nat Finland.png|Finland
Nat France.png File:Nat France.png|France
Nat Germany.png File:Nat Germany.png|Germany
Nat Greece.png File:Nat Greece.png|Greece
NAT Hungary.png File:NAT_Hungary.png|Hungary
NAT Ireland.png File:NAT_Ireland.png|Republic of Ireland
NAT Manx.png File:NAT Manx.png|The Isle of Man
Nat Israel.png File:Nat Israel.png|Israel
Nat Kuwait.png File:Nat Kuwait.png|Kuwait
Nat Latvia.png File:Nat Latvia.png|Latvia
Nat Netherlands.png File:Nat Netherlands.png|The Netherlands
NAT Norway.png File:NAT Norway.png|Norway
NAT Poland.png File:NAT Poland.png|Poland
NAT Romania.png File:NAT_Romania.png|Romania
NAT Russia.png File:NAT Russia.png|The Russian Federation
NAT South Africa.png File:NAT_South Africa.png|South Africa
NAT Sweden.png File:NAT Sweden.png|Sweden
Nat Switzerland.png File:Nat Switzerland.png|Switzerland
Nat Thailand.png File:Nat Thailand.png|The Kingdom of Thailand
Nat United Kingdom(Great Britain).png File:Nat United Kingdom(Great Britain).png|The United Kingdom
Nat United States of America (USA).png File:Nat United States of America (USA).png|The United States of America

Ss adding to the roster.png

Template Code

|-valign="top" |align="right"| [[Image:{{{rank}}}.png| {{{rank}}}]] || [[{{{name}}}]]||{{{Arms}}}|| [[File:{{{Orders_of_Knighthood}}}sm.png]][[File:Pvp_Sm_{{{PVP_Awards}}}.png]][[File:Pve_Sm_{{{PVE_Awards}}}.png]][[File:Com_Sm_{{{OOG_Awards}}}.png]]|| {{{joindate}}}|| {{{lastpromotion}}}|| {{{Alts}}}|| {{{status}}}|| [[{{{country}}}]]